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  • Rosina Wachtmeister Goebel Quality: Arcana Wandhaken

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    Arcana - Wandhaken

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    A perfect place to store your jewellery:
    Wall Hook - "Arcana", Porcelain, 10 x 3 x 14 cm is made to help you store your jewellery. An eye-catcher in every bathroom, bed room or dressing room.
    Rosina Wachtmeister - Rosina's World of Cats
    Rosina's Cats are available in various types. Tall and short, tiny and thick, colourful or simply elegant. Very tiny new born kittens snuggle up against the older ones - just as cute as their natural archetypes.
    Grown over the years, Goebel shares a special relationship with Rosina Wachtmeister. Her poetical representation of cats is constantly taking new creative shapes full with the joys of life. Rosina's colourful artwork is like fireworks - brilliant and full of energy! She gains her inspiration from her little paradise, a 30.000 m2 garden with lots of animals, located not far from the Italian capital.

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