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Susan Lordi's Communication with Willow Tree

Susan Lordi is known for her innovative and sweet art that is exhibited internationally. She received an award from the University of Kansas in 1993 and taught design and textile art.

Susan Lordi's Communication with Willow Tree

Unique...pure form

Willow Tree was Susan's first opportunity to design products for the commercial gift industry and expanded her focus to sculptural form. Willow Tree's concept was born out of Susan's desire to create a unique, pure form without superfluous details, the emotion of which is only communicated through gesture.

Capture a moment in time

It makes it more personal for the giver and the receiver to imagine what or who they want.
Susan tries to capture a moment in time, or express a feeling, and she draws on many inspirations - ballet, nature, art history, human emotion and interaction.
From the beginning, Susan has carved every figure, with family and friends as models. The original is cast in resin that reflects every detail, and then the figurines are painted by hand. Introduced in January 2000, Willow Tree has become a successful global brand. Susan and her husband Dennis live in Kansas City, Missouri, where she has a studio in the Crossroads Arts District.

On the Prairie

"One of the things that fill me with new ideas is to spend time outside. I love to plant things; especially experimenting with native plants. I am in the process of restoring a prairie area with grass and with that comes the appreciation and enjoyment of all the wildlife that attracts the prairie. It is a place not only to appreciate nature, but to be part of the total regeneration process and see how life renews itself over and over again. It is my favorite place to recover.

"I always observe - the birds, the insects, the plants... it all unfolds before me. It's the unexpected discoveries, the surprises in nature, that inspire and comfort me at the same time... and so I spend a lot of time in the company of weeds, wild things and dirt."

I try to communicate with Willow Tree

"The ideas that I try to communicate with Willow Tree come from my own life experiences, my own understanding of the world. I think they have to be personal for them to be truthful."