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  • Rosina Wachtmeister

    Rosina Wachtmeister grew up on Austrian Lake Atter. At the age of 14 she emigrated to Brazil where she studied visual arts in Porto Alegre. She specialized in collages with different materials. Nowadays she often uses silver and gold foil in her drawings. Cats play an important role in her work. She often depicts the cat in combination with music.
    Wachtmeister's early work is carved puppets. She used these puppets in her own puppet theatre. In 1974 Wachtmeister moved to the Italian Capena near Rome. Since 1998 she has been employed as a designer at porcelain factory Goebel in Oeslau, a district of the German Rödental.
    For her work she is inspired by the things that are common to her: the tranquillity of Capena, the sun, her cats and music.