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  • Jacky Zegers: Life is for having fun, loving and enjoyment.

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    The sculptures of Jacky Zegers is a collection of artistic sculptures that express love. Each sculpture is colorfully illustrated by this famous Dutch artist.

    Jacky Zegers (1972) lives and works in Arnhem (NL). Her work primarily consists of sculptures and paintings. Working as a maths teacher it slowly dawned on her that she couldn’t live on formulas and numbers alone. In 2006 she decided to follow her heart and become an artist. Self-taught, she is inspired by nature.

    The symmetry and patterns that can be found there are incorporated into her work. She doesn’t hide her love of bright colours and exaggerated shapes. Her work exudes positivity and that is her intention. She wants people to stop and enjoy the moment. She wants to draw attention to the beautiful, carefree things in life. Life is for having fun, loving and enjoyment. Both with other people and animals. You can see this in her art that shows you and allows you to feel how beautiful life can be, with a nod and a wink.