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Bruce Harman visions, art with soul, for your wall

Bruce Harman's oeuvre is inspired by the wonders of nature, both inside and out. Art with a smile and that connects you with your soul! As a painter and printmaker he devotes a lot of care to his products.
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Bruce Harman visions, art with soul, for your wall

About the artist Bruce Harman

Bruce Harman is a painter who lives in Santa Cruz, California. His journey as an artist began when he first picked up a pencil and discovered that drawing had magical properties... He drew small conveyor belts with stations along the way. What came out on one side changed on the other: magic! I immediately lost interest in all the other subjects his teachers wanted to teach him. His bachelor of fine art at the Philadelphia College of Art was in Printmaking, where he concentrated on drawing, mainly through wood engraving and stone lithography. After graduation, he moved to California and became absorbed in Eastern thought and spiritual studies.
Harman Vision, art with soul, for your wall!

During meditations he began to have surprisingly clear visions. This made choices about what to paint much easier! The air brush was his tool and in the next few years he devoted himself to getting more skills. His early paintings are a lot about energies. This illustration work taught him a lot about painting (and deadlines)! After a few years he felt ready to make the leap and took his place behind the traditional easel.

Although he has been a painter for over 30 years he still feels like a student. The long years of working with acrylic paint have evolved to the use of oil paint without solvents. This most traditional style of applying paint to a surface appeals most to him. The paint then seems to conform to the idea he has in mind. Now his time is divided between painting, printing and framing and the occasional mural. It is a great privilege to be able to do this work fulltime and to make art for his family of soul friends.
Colourful and imaginative murals

In 2005 he started making public murals with a series of road signs in Capitola, California. This is a popular trend in many cities and motorists are happy when they are waiting in front of traffic lights. Since then, he has painted complete murals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and other public places, as well as numerous residential murals.