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  • Tom's Drag by Tom's Company

    Tom's Drags are pure life, bear witness to exceptional originality and are full of spirit and extraordinary charm. Tom's Drags include all the colors of the rainbow and are unique and stylishly designed objects for the home.

    • Animals


      Delightful collection of animals from Tom's Drag. Colorful, crazy, colorful images of all kinds of animals and figures. Check out Roxanna the giraffe or turtle Gerda, for example. Images full of joie de vivre and humor. Enjoy; we love to hear from you!

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    • Statues


      The light-hearted charm of Tom's Drag gives everything and everyone a tireless, playful and inexhaustible amount of creativity. Roles and clichés are reinterpreted in surprising ways, often turned completely on their head.

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    • Furniture


      The commodes, mirrors, columns, tables, chairs and armchairs are carefully hand-painted with the "TOMS DRAG ART" special colors. The floral and partly abstract patterns make this furniture collection unique.

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    • Silver Line

      Silver Line

      The Silver Line Collection shows that the Toms Drag Art style also works with cool coloring and is no less convincing. The dominant colors here are gray, silver and blue, which give the furniture and figures a very special, previously unseen shine.

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    • Special Editions

      Special Editions

      In this category we present all special editions. The latest products from the world of Toms Drag Art.

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    Tom’s Drag® Collection

    A stand-alone world of figures and shapes

    Witty, whimsical, weird – spanning all the colors of the rainbow, Tom’s Drags are unique and stylishly designed objects for the home. They are matchless but of course they have their roots, too. Their designer, Tom Hoffmann (1956-2012) traveled often and loved it. In his work we find influences from European and American pop art. They are reminiscent of Yellow Submarine, and also of the ornamentation in European, African and Asian popular culture. Tom combined these in his very own unique way, thus creating a lusty frenzy of colors and joys of life. His work is “original” in the truest sense of the word!

    A manifesto of colors and zest for life

    As with every great idea, there is a story behind the Drags, too. It began after the terrible terrorist attacks of 9-11 when a deep fear covered people like an icy blanket. Tom Hoffmann created his first drags without any commercial intention. They were personal gifts, created as individual pieces with his love for details. These tokens traded sadness and anger for humor and joy. Those who received these unique gifts responded with appreciation and enthusiasm: “You´ve got to make more out of this!” And so it came to pass.

    People, animals, decorative items

    Waiters, angels, alligators – nothing is off limits. The light-hearted charm of Tom’s Drag infuses anything and everything with tireless, playful and inexhaustible creativity. Roles and clichés are reinterpreted in surprising ways, often turned completely upside down.

    All creations are made and reproduced by hand.

    Heart of Art 4.8 / 4.8 - 368 Reviews @ Kiyoh