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    Markuss Göpfert was born in Dresden. After an apprenticeship as a carpenter he studied drums at the Future Music School in Aschaffenburg and was a member of the bands "Resistance" and "Letzte Instanz".

    Markuss Göpfert

    Since 2004 he has been working as a freelance Pop Art artist in Dresden and has participated in numerous group exhibitions. Markuss Göpfert has always tried to take life rather lightly. With this in mind, he has created his art figure "Muffin" with unmistakable features - equipped with three hairs and three fingers, on three toes. Sometimes cheerful, sometimes ironic, full of life and colour, the muffin or muffin jumps through his world of images.

    They are in the tradition of the classic Pop Art of the 50s to 80s. His themes are life, love and everyday occurrences. In the works of Markuss Göpfert, however, the heart stands not only for love, but also for all related values such as joy of life, friendship, laughter and cheerfulness. His pictures are full of humour and subtlety and are almost infectious with their cheerfulness.

    The spontaneity and lightness of the motifs contrast with the precise execution of his paintings in acrylic on canvas. With his muffins Markuss Göpfert wants to add a pinch of humour to our everyday life. "It is my vision", he says, "that at some point everyone will have a funny muffin to accompany them personally through the day, from getting up to going to bed".