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    • Toms Drag

      Toms Drag

      Tom's Drags are pure life, bear witness to exceptional originality and are full of spirit and extraordinary charm. Tom's Drags include all the colors of the rainbow and are unique and stylishly designed objects for the home.

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    • Pop Art

      Pop Art

      Art objects from various Pop Art artists. Here you will find the work of James Rizzi, Romero Britto, Billy the Artist, Markuss Göpfert and Charles Fazzino.

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    • Authentic Models

      Authentic Models

      Unified by the passion for making past-era beauty and craftsmanship relevant to modern-day living, each of Authentic Models' furniture and décor collections has been thoughtfully created to inspire and surprise.

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    • Art Musee

      Art Musee

      Beautiful collection of museum art by various artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Wassily Kandinsky. Available on quality products made of porcelain and crystal.

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    • Beatrix Potter Letters

      Beatrix Potter Letters

      Beatrix Potter's lovely three-dimensional letters. You can collect them all or spell out a name to give as the perfect personal gift. The possibilities are endless! Each figure is 7 cm high.

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    • Home Collection Château

      Home Collection Château

      Who doesn't dream of a life in a castle? This dream can now come true with the Home Decor Collection Château, consisting of fine cups, plates, elegant lamps and vases.

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    • Fashion accessories

      Fashion accessories

      HeartofArt fashion accessories complete your outfit. From necklaces and pendants with beautiful patterns to the nicest bags and handbags. To protect the outfit against bad weather we also have designer umbrellas.

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    • Yoga & Lotus Line

      Yoga & Lotus Line

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    • Jugendstil


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    • Scandic Home

      Scandic Home

      Cool colours, clear lines combined with Nordic motifs make the unique style of Scandic Home. Discover the romantic details, lovers, a fishing boat, hot-air balloons in the sky.

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    • Bird of the year

      Bird of the year

      Since 1990, Goebel has supported an association that is engaged in the preservation of our bird world. Each year, one bird is selected that is particularly worth protecting as “Bird of the Year”.

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