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  • Statues | Statues of other animals

    Collection of statues of other animals in many sizes. From cute little statues of butterflies to life-size statues of deer. The cow, lizard and crocodile are also represented as statues.

    Statues | Statues of other animals offers you a fantastic collection of statues of other animals. Here you will find small animal figurines such as the frog, butterfly, squirrel and hedgehog. We also have statues of cows, deer, bulls and ibex. Wild animals such as the lion, gorilla, leopard, monkey and alligator are also richly represented in our range of animal statues. Are you crazy about statues of birds and other flying animals, you can choose from different birds, owls, the dragonfly and beautiful cranes.

    Take your time to check out all the great animals in this category as there are many! And all the statues of the animals are equally beautiful!