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    Lineasette, Marostica, Vicenza, Italy. Art in optima forma; miraculously beautiful images. Minimalism in its purest form. No detail too much and yet all-saying. Subdued power and beauty. The material used; natural, durable.

    Lineasette was founded in 1977 in Marostica, Vicenza. From the very beginning, research was conducted into new stylistic forms and new production techniques that on the one hand enrich and combine the ceramic tradition, and on the other hand are a distinguishing feature. Porcelain pottery, a ceramics with exceptional physical properties of hardness and impermeability, is a favourite material for the production of vases, trays, bottles, human and animal figures. All the decorative objects produced are studied, designed and made with the collaboration of artists from this company. Over the years, the collections have been welcomed by an ever-increasing crescendo of praise, and artistic and craft skills are gaining international popularity.

    The coating is made of mixed clay and metal oxides, dyes and fluxes mixed with pebble sand, and gives the surface of the artifacts a special and uneven, dot effect.

    All of Lineasette's creations are the result of in-depth and passionate research into ceramic techniques and contemporary designs. Each artifact is a small sculpture with pure and essential properties, as if it were formed by natural elements. Each creation meets the following requirements: harmony, balance, joy, freedom of movement. The shape of each object, rough or smooth, matt or shiny, must be free and harmonious; it must marvel.
    The creation of each artifact is personally supervised by the designers, who follow every step of the creation, from the design to the final product, to ensure that the quality of each handcraft is guaranteed.