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    Tiffany-Kronleuchter sind ideal für die Platzierung über einem Tisch oder einer Bar oder als Gruppe in einem Flur oder Treppenhaus.

    Tiffany chandeliers

    High ceilings give a Tiffany pendant lamp extra cachet. A Tiffany chandelier from HeartofArt, producer of Tiffany lamps, is unique and immediately gives an atmospheric look. At HeartofArt, Tiffany chandeliers are available in various styles.

    Sleek and sublime are the Origami, Mondrian and Industrial chandeliers. Frivolous and loose are the Lovely Flower chandeliers and other composite flexible models on linen cords. The expressionistic Art Deco style is reflected in the Circle Coloured Imposant, in which colorful glass can be chosen.

    This chandelier is loved in a Casino, hotel or other imposing buildings. Exotic and extravagant is the Wissmann Jewel. This Tiffany curved glass chandelier is a spectacular eye-catcher on the ceiling.

    This model is also suitable for a natural and romantic atmosphere. Our Tiffany chandeliers have a unique and modern design, while retaining the nostalgic Tiffany feel.