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  • Tom's Drag Toms Drag Giraffe Roxanna (XXL), Head forward

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    € 1.498,00

    Toms Drag Giraffe Roxanna (XXL), Head forward. Dimensions: H 230 cm, Material: fibreglass, Attention bulky goods! This article is delivered on pallet free curb.

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    Product description

    Our enchanting giraffe Roxanna XXL impresses with its height and the wonderful detailed ornaments. Giraffes have extraordinary eyesight and their long neck is a symbol of vision and foresight, as well as communication skills. Flowers to put in (we recommend to stick them on when Roxanna has found her best place. Cigarette optional. Body divided in the middle.

    We love Tom's Drag Tom's Drag Collection. Colourful, funny, quirky, in all colours of the rainbow, stylishly captured in design objects for the living area: Tom's Drags are incomparable. And yet they too have their roots, of course. Tom Hoffmann, the "father" of Tom's Drags, loved to travel a lot. His works are influenced by European and American Pop Art. They are reminiscent of Yellow Submarine, for example, but also of European, African and Asian folk art ornaments. He combined these in his very own way, and so the Drags, with their colourful, exhilarating joie de vivre, represent something very special and individual - original in the best sense of the word.