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    The artist Guillermo Forchino puts a smile on many faces with his Comic Art sculptures. In recent years Forchino has created statues of people from the sports world and a number of professions, his "Professionals" collection.

    Guillermo Forchino's Comic Art

    The artist Guillermo Forchino, born in 1952, puts a smile on many faces with his sculptures. Using various materials, Forchino launched his experiments at the Facultad de Bellas Artes Rosario in Argentina. There he discovered the optimal form for his three-dimensional art. Forchino learned at the University of Sorbonne in Paris with wax, resin and glue the use of old-fashioned materials. With this experience and knowledge Forchino returned to Rosario and started making representative sculptures. Coloured papier-mâché was used for the visible parts. It took until the end of the 80's before Forchino started to use resin, polyresin, for his sculptures. It is clear from his work that the artist has a great sense of humour and irony.

    After his return to Paris, Forchino painted and subsequently discovered a penchant for sculpture. The Argentinean is one of the most famous cartoonists in France for his witty and ironic creations. He personally handmade the sculptures from resin-bonded stone casting. It follows the extensive process from the signature to the individual numbering.

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    In recent years Forchino has created a number of images of people from the sports world and from a number of professions. This collection is called the "Professionals series". These creations have reached a large number of collectors worldwide. The figure height is on average 45 cm. Recently, the artist introduced the "Special Editions Series", which with 50 percent is a smaller version of the Professionals.

    Forchino regularly exhibits in France, Argentina and the Netherlands. He lives and works in Paris just a few metres from the world-famous Père Lachaise cemetery. Since 2003 there has been collaboration in the field of replicas of his work. These reproductions are handmade under the supervision of Guillerma Forchino by highly skilled craftsmen in Asia and hand painted. Some works of art are made in the same format as the original, while others have been reduced to 50 or 75% of their original dimensions.

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    Partly as a result of this, the artist's comic art is available to a larger group of art lovers in a limited edition and numbered series. Only in specially selected art houses such as Heartofart.net you will find these wonderful works of art. Each piece can be identified by an applied signature and a unique number at the bottom of the article. The package is completed with a uniquely numbered certificate of authenticity.

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