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  • Abstract & Modern Bronze Statues

    Extensive collection of bronze abstract and modern sculptures. Bronze statues for both at home and in your garden. These bronze sculptures are a jewel and a precious asset in your environment.

    Abstract & Modern art

    The artist of abstract art often has no intention of creating realistic art. What an artist creates first arises in his 'imagination' in a highly personal form and manner and does not always have to be understandable to someone else.

    You don't explain abstract art, any more than you explain a metaphor. Even in bronze sculptures it is not the intention to interpret 'reality'. However, it certainly does not have to mean that the abstract bronze sculpture art form does not resonate with you. It appeals to you, you feel something about it...or not!

    Every bronze sculpture is characterized by its own fields of tension and style that may or may not trigger the observer. Art is by definition emotion, tension. A pleasant side effect is when bronze modern and abstract art is also of good quality and affordable.

    We offer you a large number of beautiful sculptures. If there is an image that appeals to you and where the spark skips, we look forward to your reaction.

    Abstract and modern sculptures; actually there are no words for it...!


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