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  • Cool and natural bronze for House and Garden.

    Extensive collection of bronze statues for home or garden. A huge choice of bronze statues for e.g. anniversaries, wedding, farewell. Also take a look at the beautiful collection of bronze statues of children, animals, sundials, mythical statues, fountain

    • Abstract & Modern in Bronze

      Abstract & Modern in Bronze

      Extensive collection of bronze abstract and modern sculptures. Bronze statues for both at home and in your garden. These bronze sculptures are a jewel and a precious asset in your environment.

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    • Bronze Business Gifts

      Bronze Business Gifts

      The objects of HeartofArt are designed from a certain feeling or thought. For example, a business gift from HeartofArt is always a personal gift. You choose which story you want to tell with your gift. A personal and surprising gift!

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    • Bronze Fountains & Water Ornaments

      Bronze Fountains & Water Ornaments

      Especially extensive and exclusive collection of bronze fountains and water ornaments. Optional is the delivery and placement at your home or garden and including water pumps. Ask for more info.

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    • Bronze Tomb Decoration & Urns

      Bronze Tomb Decoration & Urns

      Decorating a grave is a last tribute to a loved one who has passed away. Tomb ornaments always have an important personal meaning. If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss your wishes.

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    • Bronze Classic Statues

      Bronze Classic Statues

      Various large and smaller classic images. Exclusive bronze for your home and garden Recognizable sculptures in recognizable and often everyday situations and circumstances.

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    • Bronze Statues Children

      Bronze Statues Children

      Bronze statues of children for both in the house or in the garden. Small and large bronze statues with a timeless and warm appearance. Available in various price ranges. The bronze statues are of top quality and remain beautiful.

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    • Large Bronze Objects

      Large Bronze Objects

      Large bronze objects and large bronze statues for events, parks, large spaces, zoos, large gardens, for collectors and anyone who loves large bronze statues.

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    • Bronze Dogs & Cats

      Bronze Dogs & Cats

      Heartofart has a great collection of bronze sculptures of dogs and cats in many shapes and sizes.

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    • Bronze Horses

      Bronze Horses

      Bronze statues of horses in many shapes and sizes. From cheap smaller bronze statues to large, impressive and precious statues. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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    • Bronze Birds

      Bronze Birds

      Bronze statues of various birds in many sizes. Robin, nightingale, parrot, eagle, pigeon, heron, kingfisher, rooster, crane, owl, duck, ostrich, swan. You can find them all here.

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    • Bronze Animals various

      Bronze Animals various

      Collection of bronze statues of animals in many sizes. From cute little bronze butterflies to life-size bronze deer. The cow, lizard and crocodile are also represented as a bronze statue.

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    • Mythical & Fantasy in Bronze

      Mythical & Fantasy in Bronze

      Heartofart has a great collection of bronze statues of mystical creatures and fantasy animals in many shapes and sizes.

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    • Bronze mythological Statues

      Bronze mythological Statues

      From mythology come stories and ideas about the origins and the challenges a person can be confronted with. Think, for example, of the myth of Ulysses as an example of perseverance.

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    • Bronze Sundials

      Bronze Sundials

      A sundial is an instrument for indicating time with the help of the sun, usually in the form of a plane or disc on which the time can be read from the position of the shadow cast on it by a marker (the style).

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    • Bronze wall decorations

      Bronze wall decorations

      At Heartofart you will find the most beautiful collection of bronze wall decorations. From sundials to animals. Even the jazz club is represented in bronze.

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    • Bronze Accessories

      Bronze Accessories

      Accessories for bronze statues, such as pedestals for bronze statues and maintenance kit to take care of your bronze statue.

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    • Edition Strassacker

      Edition Strassacker

      Bronze Sculptures, Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures, Limited Edition Garden Sculptures, Unlimited Edition Garden Sculptures, Contemporary art, Realism, Surrealism, Figurative, Classic modern, Figurative, Mythology, Animal sculptures.

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    Buy unique bronze statues

    HeartofArt, the Art of Giving, offers a unique selection of bronze art. Many of the bronze sculptures are acquired directly from the artist themselves and are available exclusively through HeartofArt.
    Take a journey of discovery through the world of art with HeartofArt and find bronze sculptures by many well-known and lesser-known artists. Many of the bronze sculptures we provide are limited edition and come with signed certificates.

    Likewise, there are non-certified sculptures that are manufactured in a wider edition. This makes bronze sculptures accessible to more people and they are available in a wider and broader price range.
    Bronze sculptures are an investment in art and beauty; a valuable investment. Create a special place for art for yourself, at home, in the garden or in your business. HeartofArt's bronze sculptures add a personal and artistic touch to your interior and surroundings.

    Discover the artistic bronze sculptures & figures for both indoors and outdoors in our beautiful and extensive webshop. The bronze sculptures by HeartofArt stand for quality art that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

    Where to buy bronze statues? If you take a look at our very large collection you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for. This collection of bronze statues is carefully composed; a collection of statues for indoors but also for outdoors.

    We offer bronze statues of people, animals, sundials, fountains in many sizes and price ranges; with or without pump. Bronze statues of angels and mythological meaning, bronze as wall decoration and also for farewell.

    Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information. 

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