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  • Borowski Outdoor Objects

    Borowski glass art: Sunny and safe in all weathers

    Borowski's charming glass sculptures, light objects and wind chimes are extremely robust and weather resistant. That is why they can be outside all year round. They are all carefully handcrafted and mouth-blown artifacts.

    The friendly figures and characters of the OUTDOOR OBJECTS provide "fantastic" encounters in gardens and parks - in the truest sense of the word.

    As if from another world, birds, armadillos and all sorts of other creatures appear and bring a little piece of their world into our world. The OUTDOOR OBJECTS create a beautiful connection with their environment - they invite their owners to smile, dream and linger. These very individual, happy visitors enliven your garden or balcony and give your favorite spot a very special magic.

    The OUTDOOR OBJECTS are weather resistant and can be left outside all year round.

    All these art objects are made with the greatest care, are handmade and mouth blown.