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    Barcino mosaic

    Maybe you already met Barcino during a trip to Barcelona? Here you will find the mosaic collection and get to know many Barcino designs and start with a colorful collection! Barcino produces unique anatomical images with Gaudi's familiar mosaic pattern. The images are bombastic with attractive colors and provide an eye-catcher in any interior.

    Antoni Gaudí

    Barcino produces great images with Antoni Gaudì's world famous mosaic pattern. The architect was known in Catalonia. Especially in Barcelona he designed buildings and objects. The most famous object is the attractive Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​which is admired daily by many people. The architect also designed several buildings in Barcelona and his views can also be found in the prestigious Park Güell, which offers guests a visible experience. Gaudí is a founder of organic architecture. The works of the architect fall under the category of Art Nouveau and Art Nouveau. The Catalans call this style Catalan modernism.

    The Barcino collection

    Barcino has a large collection of bombastic images. All products are completely hand painted and made of sturdy and fine synthetic resin (polyresin) or ceramic. The Gaudi Foundation approves Barcino's products and therefore their original character has been preserved.

    The photogenic Spanish bull

    The Barcino top product is without a doubt the picturesque Spanish bull. It is offered by Barcino in different colors and a select masterpiece represents the red bull. Only 48 copies of this bull were made. The unique object is made of strong cold cast resin for the interior and is a real eye-catcher. A breathtaking statue weighing 14 kilograms, which never loses its special temperament and charisma.

    The alliance with the sea

    Barcino offers whales, dolphins and colorful fish in attractive blue-green colors. Dolphins are loved by many people. A unique gift for dolphin lovers or just for yourself. The voluminous dolphin statue on a ceramic base is a limited edition by Barcino. The statue with its attractive colors and appearance is an attraction and feast to behold.

    Extensive selection for animal lovers

    Barcino's extensive collection includes statues of dolphins, owls, rabbits, salamanders, bulls, pigs and cows. There is a huge selection for animal lovers. The beautiful colorful mosaic makes the images extremely lively and cheerful. Due to the influence of Gaudì, the images immediately convey the wonderful wonderful summer feeling of Spain.

    Barcino sculptures are decorative hand painted items. They have not been made for outdoor exposure, so avoid placing them in direct sunlight, in order not to damage the pigment or enamel. To clean, use a dry cloth.

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