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  • Art Objects: The art of being a real Borowski

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    The items in the ART OBJECTS Premium collection have a very special value for collectors and art lovers. The exceptional sculptures in this collection are all extremely skilfully crafted, brilliantly coloured and particularly elegant.

    Signed works of art from Borowski Glass Art

    Each object is a handcrafted, personal and signed work by the artists Pawel or Stani Jan Borowski.

    Limited and limited edition

    The collection includes both unique pieces and limited editions, which are produced as objects in small series. Each ART OBJECT is a valuable original by the Borowski brothers. The works produced in the small series are all unique objects in themselves. No "Prince" really has identical twins, each "Love Messenger" is unique in its colour scheme and each "Retro Car" interprets its subject in its own way.

    Together with your exclusive work of art from the ART OBJECTS collection, you will receive a certificate from Glasstudio Borowski.

    Heart of Art 4.8 / 4.8 - 368 Reviews @ Kiyoh