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  • Borowski modern glass art for indoors and outdoors

    Unique collection of glass art from the Borowski family. Exclusive glass art and design designs for your garden and home. Borowski's exuberant glass works of art find their way all over the world, from museums to collections of art lovers.

    • Art Objects

      Art Objects

      The items in the ART OBJECTS Premium collection have a very special value for collectors and art lovers. The exceptional sculptures in this collection are all extremely skilfully crafted, brilliantly coloured and particularly elegant.

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    • Studio Line Interior Objects

      Studio Line Interior Objects

      The glass objects from the STUDIO LINE collection bear the unmistakable artistic signature of the Borowski line and meet the highest quality standards. But they are not content with pure art: they are also candelabra, fruit bowls, vases or paper weights.

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    • Outdoor Objects

      Outdoor Objects

      The friendly creatures and characters of the OUTDOOR OBJECTS allow for encounters with the "fabulous" species in gardens and parks. Borowski's charming glass sculptures, light objects and wind chimes are extremely robust and weather-resistant.

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    • Special Editions

      Special Editions

      Borowski's Wall of Fame. Discover the celebrities who have found a place in this gallery. Each work of art is unique and has its own character. From Elton John to Marilyn Monroe and from Albert Einstein to Pablo Picasso.

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    Borowski modern glass art for indoors and outdoors

    Where to buy modern glass art? If you take a look at our very large and complete collection of Borowski glass art you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for. Take a look at the surprisingly extensive garden objects, often with complete lighting fixtures, the unique and exuberant art objects or the collection of indoor items. Don't forget to take a look at the Special Editions collection which pays homage to icons from the 20th century. Borowksi glass art is a leader in the world of decorative glassware and modern glass sculptures. 


    Each of our light, bright and colorful unique pieces has undergone a complex production process. An old and demanding craftsmanship that few manufacturers possess today. This special quality is precisely what attracts collectors and art lovers - the unique mix of craftsmanship and joy of life!
    With our collections:

    ART OBJECTS, STUDIO LINE, OUTDOOR OBJECTS and GOODWOOD CARS we hope to integrate these elements into your everyday life. These collections embody the same lively art concept as the Borowski masterpieces. They admirably fulfil their function as vases, fruit bowls or candelabra, are exhibited in many different locations, stand in gardens or on terraces, attract admiring glances in parks or on balconies, make people smile and people keep dreaming away. They embody in equal measure the wealth of ideas of our artists and the craft skills of our glassblowers. Each piece in the collection has been worked with love and care and meets the highest quality standards.


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