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  • Authentic Models

    Unified by the passion for making past-era beauty and craftsmanship relevant to modern-day living, each of Authentic Models' furniture and décor collections has been thoughtfully created to inspire and surprise.

    • Furniture Collection

      Furniture Collection

      Thanks to our collection you can enjoy high-end furniture from a bygone era. Distinctive pieces that draw inspiration from glamorous eras. Complete with features that capture the look and feel of the originals on which they are based.

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    • Aviation Collection

      Aviation Collection

      HeartofArt celebrates the achievement of flying and the beauty of the different craft over the years. We constructed the models down to the last detail so that everyone can bring home a touch of adventure in the sky.

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    • Nautical Collection

      Nautical Collection

      The models of sailing ships, steamers and runabouts evoke emotions associated with the golden age of water transport. Each piece is beautifully crafted, paying homage to the beauty of the ships on the water.

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    • Cars Collection

      Cars Collection

      Authentic Models presents its great cars collection. The collection consists of surprisingly advanced racing cars in 1: 8 scale.

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    • Globes Collection

      Globes Collection

      Our collection of globes represents five centuries of global development by some of the great names in cartography, tastefully mounted on atmospheric stands to bring old world charm to even the most modern of environments.

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    • Lifestyle Collection

      Lifestyle Collection

      The lifestyle collection of Authentic Models offers a combination of historical character with modern flair in original, tastefully designed objects. Always made from the highest quality materials.

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    • Instruments Collection

      Instruments Collection

      Authentic Models instruments collection revisits the worlds of 18th and 19th century explorers with precision working replicas of the compasses, visionary aids, timepieces and weather measurement devices they used at the time.

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