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    James Rizzi was born in 1950 in Brooklyn. He studied at the Florida Academy of Art (Gainesville), where he began experimenting with painting, printing techniques and sculpture. In Rizzi's work, you often encounter his native New York.

    James Rizzi

    The works of the renowned us-American Neo Pop Art artist James Rizzi fascinate with colorful, cheerful and naïve compositions, which are surrounded by a charming charm. Looking at his art takes you into a cheerful world that holds many surprises in store. There are countless enchanting details hidden in his works that are waiting to be discovered. Whoever marvels at the works of this exceptional artist succeeds in a playful escape from everyday life, which brings a smile to everyone's face. Characteristic for James Rizzi are the influences of the comic genre, which can be found in all his creations. His works are mirror images of New York and stage American society, which Rizzi sketches in an unmistakably amusing way.

    For his paintings, sculptures, and sculptures, the native New Yorker primarily takes the blameless, naive perspective of a child and presents his motifs according to this perspective. Despite the predominantly emphasized naïve perspective, his works appear neither childlike nor guileless. On the contrary, the artist's unique creations open up an extraordinary, optimistic view of the world. This captivates people of all ages and allows viewers to immerse themselves in a life full of happiness. Works of art by James Rizzi are therefore a phenomenon. Born in New York on October 8, 1950, Rizzi is still one of the most recognized and sought-after artists in the USA today.

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    As one of the most successful Pop Art painters, this exceptional talent merges diverse elements to interpret them in an extraordinary way. James Rizzi created his fascinating compositions in his studio in the New York scene quarter SoHo, where he worked on his works until his death in 2011. The draughtsman with Irish and Italian roots acquired the technical basis for his pieces during his art studies at the University of Florida.

    His first works already caused a sensation in the American art scene. Since his pieces staged emotions and situations in an enchanting way, they fascinated art connoisseurs worldwide. At the beginning of his creative phase James Rizzi concentrated on drawing pictures and making sculptures. The creative artist revolutionized art with his innovations. Rizzi has always been considered a master in the field of 3D graphics. Immediately after his studies, the exceptional talent presented his pieces at a vernissage in the prestigious New York Brooklyn Museum.

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    Art media classified James Rizzi as an "urban primitive artist". This term was coined by the bassist of the New York-based rock band " The talking Heads", who was a fervent admirer of Rizzi's works. In 1980 he designed the album cover of the band, which made him popular in the music scene. From that time on, a "run" began on the works of the Neo Pop Art virtuoso. In 1984 a gallery organized the first exhibition of James Rizzi in Germany.

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