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    Annie Jungers trained as a graphic designer and illustrator at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels and for many years also worked extremely successfully as an art directrice for various international agencies in these professions.

    However, she was also interested in working in the third dimension from a young age; nevertheless, it was to take until 1989 for her to complete her first sculptural work. To a certain extent, this was still in a private setting (it was a portrait bust of her husband), but it was already clear from this work that Junger's unerring sense of spatial effect and proportion - of central importance in her drawing and design work - also came into its own here. There followed a series of commissions for portrait busts and finally, in the 2000s, her first monumental sculptures, for which she is particularly well known today.

    Annie Jungers confidently plays the keyboard of techniques and styles made possible by bronze as a material. Her spectrum ranges from realistic portraits to geometrically designed objects, many of which now adorn (not only) her hometown of Brussels.

    Her works are appreciated by city fathers and builders not least because Jungers' self-formulated claim to create a work not for just any space, but for its very special intended space, becomes clear in each and every one of them - her artworks for public space do not stage themselves, first and foremost they stage the space for which they are made. And yet the statements they make are generalizable - Jungers' artistic thinking revolves around the human being who is able to create himself and is thus sovereign of himself. Annie Jungers lives and works today in Tavernes, France.

    Genres: Figurative
    Styles: Realism


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