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    Adelbert Heil worked as a stone sculptor for some time after his sculpture apprenticeship, but then came full circle, returning to metal, so to speak, long after his initial post-school training.

    Adelbert Heil (1958)


    After his sculpture training, Adelbert Heil worked for a time as a sculptor in stone, but then completed a circle that brought him back to metal, as it were, long after his initial post-school training: as a young man, Heil had completed an apprenticeship as a locksmith, and when he first made sculptures in cast iron in 1987, he found his own material, to which he has remained faithful to this day, after studying art history and decades of sculpture. Characteristic of his work are small cast iron sculptures in which people are almost exclusively the focus. His figures often face each other, balancing on a narrow marble pedestal, and engage in dialogue with each other - or they even mirror each other like cast iron doubles.





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