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  • Vincent van Gogh A Quality Goebel Product: Almond Tree Red - Demitasse

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    Almond Tree Red - Demitasse

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    Almond Tree Red - Demitasse, Fine Bone China, Height: 7 cm / 0.1 l
    Recommended to clean by hand with a mild cleanser to preserve the brilliant colours and gold decoration.
    Let coffee and tea stimulate your enjoyment and discovery. Famous paintings on cups from Goebel turn your coffee break into a small journey of discovery through the world of art. Each cup tells its own, fascinating (art) story.
    Today his paintings belong to the most expensive ones in the world. Vincent van Gogh, never reached in genius.
    Today his paintings belong to the most expensive of the world - but he spent his life in extreme poverty and financial dependency. Vincent van Gogh - a desperate man but a possessed artist, never reached in genius - an exception - like his vigorous paintings that seem to sparkle from inside.